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Digital learning

Did you know that each $1 spent in e-learning returns $30 in productivity and increases retention up to 60%? Training has become a source of competitive advantage. There is a way to help companies gain a competitive advantage and maintain employees up to date in the fast-changing world through e-learning. Europe Learners has been helping companies to develop training as an internal competency, empowering SMEs to create their own future training needs in a friendly, intuitive, and straightforward environment.

We work alongside your experts to meet your training needs


All-in-one virtual environments and platforms


Online training that goes beyond digital


Platform development to all types of training needs

Virtual/Augmented Reality

Prepare to take part in a virtual scenario that replicates real working environments. The learner will be able to touch and operate with virtual tools without compromising his safety.

We know how training in high-risk settings sounds challenging. You do not need to stop a production line to teach someone how to replace a defective part, and neither take the risk with dangerous equipment. Moving employees to remote locations do not need to be a problem. Virtual reality allows all the training process to be done remotely, which is more efficient and cost-saving.

Videos 2D/3D

We know how creative videos can be engaging and boost learning retention. We use the most advanced design techniques to help your learners deeply understand any given subject.


Platforms are nothing more than a place to store online courses, right? Wrong! A well-developed platform harnesses the integrated media potential for consistent learning. Creating a learning path, sharing experiences with other colleagues, and connecting with additional resources are the required steps to successful content retention. We provide our clients with a ready-to-use platform that is fully customized at a fraction of the price of a newly developed one.


A 2D video can deliver the message simply and effectively. A 3 D video increases the likelihood of retention by materializing a specific scenario. Virtual reality introduces the learner to a reliable replica of the work environment. However, when these resources are combined in a game environment with well-thought storytelling, we can achieve impressive results. Research shows that game-based training is the most effective way to teach effectively and improve the learner’s engagement.

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