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Follow Me SuperApp

What do you remember about the last training you did?

According to Ebbinghaus’ study (Forgetting Curve), it only takes 3 days to forget 60% of what we just learned. With Follow Me®, you can review what you have learned at anytime, anywhere, and stay at the top of your game!

Follow Me is an exclusive solution that can be customized for your company – as a white-label platform – allowing learners to retrieve knowledge from every learning module in only 3 clicks.

With Follow Me, leave the forgetting curve behind and move ahead with Perfect Recall.

Small and medium-size companies solution


A modern and highly customizable platform, easy to operate with several layers of access and statistics at the ready. The most efficient solution for small and medium companies that want to organize and monitor the results of your training with the most cost-effective solution.


Voice Over

Game Design


Fast, affordable and uncomplicated tailored digital solutions

Learning Technologies

We will set the right strategy to help you meet your learning and development needs. We want to build strong and long-lasting relationships that bring value for you and your organization, with an ‘eyes for you only’ attitude. Ready for your best learning experience yet?

We understand your training challenges

About Us

We are a Swiss company, with reach in all Europe, that believes in learning as a ​key enabler for personal growth and business success​.

We are professionals with many years of experience in the field of Learning and Development, who have already held executive positions in large corporations. As such we understand what it takes to bridge the gap between those who buy learning solutions and those who sell it.

With more than 600 qualified professionals and technological innovations at your disposal to produce learning experiences at all levels and for all sizes of companies, we are in a position that allows us to be flexible and effective when partnering with you to address your needs around capability building.

We know you have the privilege of choice when it comes to selecting a provider.

What sets Europe Learners apart is that we have a lean cost structure while offering the same product quality as big players: this translates into lower prices and more efficiency. In addition, we work daily to create new solutions and tools so that learners can learn more, have fun at it, and improve performance in their work.

Our Success Stories

Sharing Success

In our journey we always seek to work in partnership with our customers. We have the ability to develop any and all learning experiences from start to finish, on time and on budget: we will always come up with creative solutions to meet your needs in terms of deliverables and budget.

We are proud of having developed a methodology to coach SMEs on their journey: they are the driving force behind the learning modules.

We empower our clients through the techniques and strategies for them to truly be the creators of innovation.


Serial E-learning modules production

The need: Making digital training fit into the annual finance budget of a large company.

The solution: A series of e-learning modules. The first one becomes the template for the others to come. In a virtual workshop, all SMEs were involved in the scripting and storyboard creation, and acquired knowledge about the E2E digital learning process. This training reduced the production costs of the modules by 40%, ensured the high standard of quality in the e-learnings and even offered the participants a new vision for the development of their own presentations.


Current training account (CTA)

The need: The client needed to be able to adapt the trainings according to their needs during the year, both with pre-access, online, classroom, post-training and graduation.

The solution: With the Current Training Account (CTA) in an annual contract, Europe Learners is on hand for any customer training needs. Whether for support in a simple training with one of our instructional designers, or for the E2E creation of a highly interactive module, or to produce a 2D video or the acquisition of Follow Me, our white label SuperApp. It worked as if we were in the next room from the customer. Each time our client needed a service, they just contacted us and the service was carried out and deducted from the amount available in the current account. In the end, as volume is important for reducing production costs, the customer saved 21% in respect to what it would have cost for the same services if they were contracted separately.


Remodeling already produced training

The need: Increase learning retention by using already produced video training material.

The solution: Improvement of existing video training courses. From material already created, Europe Learners redesigned the learning journey, made edits to the videos already used, inserted interactivity, games and quizzes, transforming the experience to be much more interesting, lighter and with greater retention of information for learners.


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